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I know I haven't really told you what #chasingslow is about yet. You knew I was writing a book, and you knew I finished it, and you know it's being printed and published and sent out into the big world in less than two(!!!) weeks. You know the who and the why and the where and the when, but I haven't told you the what because I've been a little scared. This was a hard book to write. There's a brain tumor and panic attacks, a slew of failures, hypocrisy, tension. There's a breakdown and a tune-up, a cross-country u-haul and a career u-turn. There's spilled rice and public criticism. Broken bowls, broken hearts. Manicures and merry-go-rounds and a big apple offered in the Big Apple. Advice left unfollowed. Buried feelings, a buried father. Marriage. Motherhood. Personhood. A life's work, the work of life. It's all in there, every bit. Joy and shame, love and doubt. Yes. This was a hard book to write. And it's here, and I'm ever proud of it, and I'm so humbled by this great, great opportunity to share it with you. Because yes, it is my story, but I have a funny feeling it might also be a little bit yours, too. Link in profile. Pre-order for a few freebies, if you'd like. I'll be here, thanking you for it all.

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