Weekend Care Package

Links I Love

Breathing In Those Around Us by Mandy Arioto @ Hellodearest.org

This one was a treat for me; with a message about breathing in inspiration from those around us.

“I overheard a conversation yesterday, because I am nosy and the two women were enchanting.

They were sitting on a velvet green couch in the corner of a hotel where I was also staying. Sitting close, almost knee-to-knee, one with silver gray hair and red lipstick, who, even from 15 feet away, smelled like Coco Chanel perfume. The other woman sat with bright eyes, her nose pink from holding back tears and two babes playing at her feet.” -Mandy Arioto

Let the Artist Gently Lead You by Emily Freeman

Of course I had to share this post; about two things I hold dear, gentleness and art

Youth Dwells in the Heart Forever by Caroline Starr Rose

short and sweet, LM Montgomery inspired blog post

La La Loving by Trina McNeilly

A little bit of this and that, all lovely.

A Thank You to the Veteran and a Prayer for the Military Spouse by Kristen Strong @ (in)courage

My heart joins along in this prayer for veterans and military spouses.

Defend the Fatherless Part 2 by Carole Towriss

“Sunday is Orphan Sunday. The most important thing we can do to help solve the global orphan crisis is pray. We have no greater privilege than to talk to God. We can ask Him to set the lonely in families, for justice, for safety, for provision.” -Carole Towriss


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