Weekend Care Package


Hi, welcome to this weekly tradition, where I gather links I love, poetry, scripture, prayers, Instagram inspiration, or art to share on my blog.

I get excited putting these together.

I hope the care packages bring you a sense of connection, comfort, and nourishment of imagination and wonder.

Love and Hope in Christ,


Links I Love

31 Days of Poetry & Writing Prompts {Peace of Wild Things} by Angela Parlin

because I am in love with this whole 31 day writing series. These poems she has been selecting are beautiful, and her essays to go with them speak hope to my heart. I may have to just print them all off at the end and make it into a book for myself.

Batten the hatches! Winter is coming! Or, How a breakfast burrito calmed my frazzled nerves by Erin K Etheridge

because Erin is a friend of mine, and I love keeping updated with her life. I bet you would like it too. She makes me laugh, and is a very talented writer!

The Email I’ll Never Forget by Emily P Freeman

because there is golden advice in this post for all artists and creators.

Peace in Sleeping by Meredith McDaniel

because Meredith shares her nightly routine, and I am so interested in learning about other’s routines. Also, it includes a tip about using lavender oil. I LOVE oils, especially lavender.

My Prettier Oil Diffuser by Myquillin Smith @ the nesting place

to go along with Meredith’s post about lavender oil at night, here is a link about a stylish cute diffuser too. Cheers to oils. I don’t sell them, but I probably should because I love them so much.

5 Podcasts for Writers by Caroline Rose Starr

for my writer friends; podcast recommendations from an author I like and therefore trust her suggestions. I read Caroline’s book May B a year or so ago, and enjoyed it.

He is Close by Molly Smith

Molly teaches Holy Yoga, and is one of my best friends. This post carries an encouraging reminder about God’s nearness, and a “class card” for other Yoga instructors. If you have a friend that teaches yoga, Molly’s website would be a great resource for them!



Instagram Inspiration

@okieholyyogi also blogging at molly smith yoga


@karapyo also blogging at cultivate faithfulness



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