What I’m Into (September Edition)



Last month, if you recall from the  What I’m Into (August Edition) post, my book list was large!

So, this month I wanted to slow the pace.

Like taking a deep breath, then closing my eyes to exhale. It was soothing and refreshing.

I followed my typical reading pattern: 1 non-fiction Christian book, 1 book on creativity and 1 fiction book. I recommend all 3, but I really loved Still Life and Grace for the Good Girl.

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman

Why I loved it: Emily is one of my favorite authors and bloggers. Since she hasn’t been blogging as much the past few months, I missed her writing voice, so I decided to read one of her older books for the first time. I was so glad I did. Don’t you love when you feel like a part of a book was written just for you. That is how parts of this book felt.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott

Why I liked it: Helpful with expert insight, also I especially LOVED the chapter entitled “Giving” at the end of the book

Still Life: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel by Louise Penny

Why I loved it: The references to “Surprised by Joy” by CS Lewis , the poetry throughout, emphasis on art/painting, the cozy autumn setting***love!, the writing, and wanting to solve the mystery. I think it would be a great Fall read especially in November.

What’s Been Helpful

Ready-Made Green Drinks


The Enneagram of Personality

I’m a little late on learning about the Enneagram, I know! This is a guide to understanding your personality. I took a few different tests this month, which indicated that I am a number 4. I found the tips for the number 4 personality type to be helpful. I generally love personality test type of things!

Weekly Structure

Recently I added a Tuesday play-date with mom friends and a Wednesday lunch-date with my mom and my uncle into my schedule. The little bit of structure went a long way. Just what I didn’t know I needed.


Recipes from Friends & Keeping Track of them on Pinterest

I have gotten 3 awesome recipes from friends this month. I usually lose them and then embarrassingly have to ask them for it again. Well, now I simply snap a picture of the recipe or the text they sent me of the recipe, and then pin it to a private Pinterest board of recipes from friends so it’s not ever lost.

What I’m Loving


The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

 The Road Back to You: Looking at Life through the Lens of the Enneagram



Art by Katie Daisy

Modern Calligraphy

I have just started learning and practicing lettering and modern calligraphy.

Kindle Deals from modernmrsdarcy.com 

I bought Still Life by Louise Penny this month because of a great Kindle deal Anne Bogel sent through email. You can sign up at her website to receive them. I don’t have a kindle but I can still read the kindle books on my iPad.

What Made Me Smile

A photo of Oliver and his friend Hazel taken on a Friday. I feel it represents the Friday vibe well.


This smile


Local Love #hometowntourist

Places I have enjoyed from around my hometown this month!

The Rose District


You can read more about the Rose District in Broken Arrow in this blog post: Do You Underestimate the Update? .

Andolini’s Pizzeria


It was my first time to go to Andolini’s. When we walked in, a chef from behind the counter handed Oliver some pizza dough and said “here’s some play dough”. Oliver loved that. Also, delicious food.

El Guapo


Jeff’s brother came in town from South Carolina, and we took him to this restaurant that overlooks downtown Tulsa. We enjoyed watching the sunset and eating steak tacos!

Bass Pro Shop

A fun place for 3 year old boys like Oliver! Oliver had never been to the gigantic store that has both a restaurant and 2 huge aquariums. We took my Uncle Mike and Oliver there for lunch last week. They had a great time.

Join me in this monthly ritual & reflection by linking up with Leigh Kramer.

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Into (September Edition)

  1. So much good stufff here! I really like your approach to reading, Inwork to find that balance of genres but without a specific structure it doesn’t always happen.

    I have gotten really into the Enneagram as well. (And I am loving the Road Back to You podcast too.) I am a 1 but for some reason frequently test as a 3 or 4.

    Aren’t MMD’s daily deals great! The only problem is that I have been buying more books than I have time to read. It’s just so hard to pass up a deal!


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