Weekend Care Package

weekend care package
Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa. Where Jeff proposed to me. #hometowntourist

Links I Love

what many of us grown-ups have forgotten by Carolyn Watts

because if you are feeling “not enough”, you might find some encouragement for your soul in this blog post. Also, because I love the photo and the touch of whimsy and poetry at the end of the post.

a tree grows in the gutter by Eric Peters

because when we bought our latest home there was a big tree growing in the gutter too.

how one brush equals six pots filled with miracles by Emily P Freeman

because I love reading about miracles.

are you stressed out about how to educate your kids? let me help by Marian Vischer

because Marian offers a great resource to help parents. Her wisdom and kindness combined are golden.

Instagram Inspiration


because there have been times I have also found the routine and rhythm of watering my plants to be comforting. meredithmcdaniel.com



because streams are gentle and lovely. Also, I love the C.S. Lewis quote in the caption.



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