Weekend Care Package

“The unchanging blue of a beautiful, sunlit sky still does not compare to the glory of changing clouds. And Earth would become a wilderness if not for their ministry to us.” -LB Cowmen, Streams in the Desert

Tulsa Sky  June 1, 2016

“Men see not the bright lights which is in the clouds.” Job 37:21

Tulsa Sky  June 1, 2016

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds.” Genesis 9:13

“Remember clouds are always moving ahead of God’s cleansing wind.” – LB Cowmen, Streams in the Desert

Links I love

when you wax + wane by Angela Parlin

because I love the moon.

what for better or worse really means by Marian Vischer

because this brought tears and tenderness.

fun size farming: how to unlock your landscape potential by Erin K Etheridge

because, I agree less bradford pears please, and more actual pear trees! because i  promote the idea of strawberries being grown in front yard flower beds next to annuals. because I want to see more blue berry bushes in my neighborhood. yes please

7 days for your soul to catch up with your body by Emily P Freeman

because so far I listened to day one and it was such a gift to me, I had to share it with you.

eyes of gold by Ann Chinworth

because it reminds me of the mini-series I just wrote called Golden, on the topic of gentleness. and because I feel like Ann understand this golden gift.

a little lightness for your soul

“Poems are wistful wish-filled sublime”

may June bring a lovely lightness your way;

like laughter and play,

like spinning pinwheels,

and barefoot in the green grass cartwheels.

love and hope in Christ,



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