A Prayer in the Air

Photo by NASA , the Northern Lights

There is a prayer

dancing in the air

way up high in the northern sky

before we go about our daily tasks

it’s singing songs of love over us, of beauty and mystery

inviting us to find wonder

while we comb our hair, while we tie our shoes, while we drive through

the traffic lights, and park our cars

while we do what feels like work.

It’s just another day we say,

and still way above and way up north

last night there was a stirring in the sky

something mesmerizing to the eye.

A prayer in the air.

I am writing a series on the 7 natural wonders of the world. My next post in the series will be about the Northern Lights. I will be taking a few days to learn more about them. For now here is a little something small for your day in the form of words and a photo.

Love and Hope in Christ



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