For Your Weekend: a Tale & a Snail


You’ve made it to Friday.

Maybe you’ve been busy all week,

with no plans to slow down.

And you finally have time

to do what you had hoped to do;

to clean, to write, to run, to paint, to read, to take your child somewhere fun, or to go on a date with your husband

so you gather your cleaning supplies

you sit at the desk pull out your journal or pen or turn on your computer

you get out a book and find a cozy chair

you lace up your shoes and start to stretch

you set up your paints and spread out your brushes

you tell your child “lets go to the zoo when we get home”

you start putting your makeup on in front of the mirror

But then instead you crash, the tiredness hits

and maybe like in the Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse

you find your own strength or determination is not enough.


imageThis week on my way from one place to the next

I found a swirly snail shell sitting next to my car tires

First I was delighted because I never see snail shells on my driveway

Second I was intrigued by the loveliness of natures patterns and designs

Next, I felt comfort

I think if I could have I would have pressed pause,closed my eyes, and stood still a little longer.

For me it was God’s way of reminding me that sometimes I am allowed to slow my pace

and most importantly not to feel anxious.

If you haven’t read the Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse I won’t ruin the end for you,

but just know

His mercies are new every morning.

Thank you God for your new mercies.

-Love and Hope in Christ-





6 thoughts on “For Your Weekend: a Tale & a Snail

  1. Oh Melissa, this is my week. (Also? I love Mrs. Tittlemouse and all things Beatrix Potter. My son and I read one of her stories almost every night.) I do so love your writing. Your gentle, calming verse is like a cup of tea for my soul. Blessings to you this weekend my friend.


    1. Awe!!!! Thanks Marian! So much love your way. Also, I am just going to have to start praying your time for writing increases because I LOVE reading it. With Oliver starting school in a few years, it would be so awesome to able to read your thoughts about schooling.


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