Bye January!


I love Emily P Freeman’s blog; Chatting at the Sky, and Anne’s blog at Modern Mrs. Darcy I have started sharing their practices of looking back at the end of each month before looking forward. I notice what I enjoyed and what I learned.

This January I can already feel the year taking shape in unexpected ways, big and small. What about you? It’s exciting, and I am still curious as to how certain areas of my life will unfold this year. Here are 9 January reflections!

  1. I have loved wearing the same off white fleece almost everyday in January. Embracing the cozy and the minimalist wardrobe this month! Maybe there is something to the uniform wardrobe idea. Here is an blog post I read about once.image
  2. This time of year my dog, Maggie, has the most wonderful shaggy coat of fur and I love it, but I dread the tangles. I am not the best at brushing her coat out all the time. So every spring she gets a very ugly shave, that I don’t like!
  3. Reads: I read Heidi in January and the sweet story soothed  my soul. Children’s books are sweet. I loved the hymns in the story. I learned again why I liked the book as a child.
  4. While I was reading The Irrational Season by Madeline L’Engle I learned an interesting fact about Sea Lions. I was recommended the book by Leigh Kramer’s blog and I will be linking up with her to share about what I’m into in January also!
    • “The female sea horse lays her eggs in the male’s pouch, and then he has to carry the eggs to term, go through labor pains, and bear babies.”

  5. The first snow in Tulsa finally came in January. We did not get very much, but I enjoyed going outside to capture some shots of the pretty snow on my “Sea Horse” bird bath that the previous home owner left in our backyard. Thank you God for the first snow.JSH_7220
  6. Oliver learned to use the pedals on his tricycle this month. I have a video of him using all his strength to push those pedals on and he is half way wining and crying as he is doing it, because it was not easy for him. Laughs!image
  7. I started using the “Sacred Ordinary Days” liturgical day planner. My friends Molly and Erin are going to try using it too. This month I learned about the liturgical seasons.image
  8. I now have an idea of what my dream art studio would be. My sister-in-law sent me a photo of the art studio below, because it made her think of me. I love it and dream of Jeff making me a studio like that one day, why not! Aren’t those windows gorgeous and the chandelier is fun. I love having friends that help me dream. Here is a link to an article about impressionism and faith too, that I found this month.


9. Anne of Green Gables and my favorite blogs; I am reading Anne of Green Gables right now. It was the book recommended on for my personality type; and I LOVE it! This quote in the book reminded me of the title “Chatting at the Sky” which is  the old blog name of Emily P Freeman’s blog.

“Why must people kneel down to pray? If I really wanted to pray I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d go out into a great big field all alone or into the deep, deep woods, and I’d look up into the sky- up-up-up- into that lovely blue sky that looks as if there was no end to its blueness. And then I’d just feel a prayer.”

-Anne of Green Gables-


6 thoughts on “Bye January!

    1. Thank you! Your blog is great by the way, and love your name too! Greer; “Watchful” is perfect trait for being a writer too.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I am a new blogger so it is exciting to get a comment! Pray God sends encouragement and comfort your way today.


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