Best Nine Books 2015

Here is a tribute to 9 books that inspired and encouraged me this year! I love finding the right book for the right time! Wishing you some timely inspirational reading in this New Year!!! You can tell a lot about what I learned this year through the books I chose to read.


I am thankful for the authors, the illustrators and all those who helped create and publish theses books. I am thankful for friends that give good book recommendations, and especially Emily P Freeman and Anne at the ModernMrsDarcy Blog for great book recommendations!!!!

  • For writers or artists I recommend The Artist’s Way  and A Million Little Ways!
  • For moms that need some comfort and encouragement while doing your daily routines I recommend Simply Tuesday, Bread & Wine, Bittersweet, and Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing for you and your kids! And Yes, Oliver scribbled on the front of the cover in the picture of the book above! Also The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up because tidying up is a huge part of motherhood and life and who doesn’t need some help and motivation with that?!
  • For fun fiction I loved Where’d You Go, Bernadette. I loved this quirky story and enjoy learning fascinating things about Antarctica too! Also, the Emily of New Moon Trilogy by Author of Anne of Green Gables will forever be one of my favorites. I especially recommend it to girls!




7 thoughts on “Best Nine Books 2015

    1. I just found out about Emily of New Moon this past year, even though it was for young girls I enjoyed it! Also, I loved reading your post about what you learned this year!!!


  1. Hello, fellow Hope Writer! Enjoyed looking around your lovely blog. I live a couple hours north of you over the Kansas line. I’ve enjoyed most of the books on your list…good taste ;-} Blessings on your 2016!


  2. Awe! Hello and thank you for the encouragement!! Blessings to you too and cheers to the hope we have found in Christ and getting to share it with others! Love this quote from Emily P Freeman’s book A Million Little Ways “The beauty she shared was, quite simply, herself. And in sharing herself she showed me a glimpse of the glory of God.”


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