Tuesday’s Inspiration

I have been praying for some inspiration and structure for my blog. I think  because I was so inspired by the book Simply Tuesday , which celebrates the small, I have decided on doing a “Tuesday’s Inspiration” post. Sometimes I may post it on Wednesday though, that way I have time to write about the day while Oliver goes to preschool on Wednesday.

On instagram each week she host a tag #itssimplytuesday.  I  often join in and post a photo or look at the photos other people are posting of their Tuesday moments. You are welcome to join us sometime. It is a fun thing to do!!!

Today my Tuesday view and posted instagram photo was an unexpected one! Not a glowing christmas tree, or a pile of laundry. Yesterday and today in Tulsa it was sunny and warm, blue skies, with bare trees, crispy curled up dry leaves on the ground.

In all the holiday bustle and hustle today’s light-hearted gentle breezy weather brought a wonderful unhurriedness to my soul! A little field trip away from December into what felt like the month of March.

We went to the Tulsa Zoo today, and enjoyed open skies and an open uncrowded zoo!


Hello Giraffe.jpeg

It was like we had it all to ourselves. Even the tigers were playing tug of war with a block. My friend Molly and her son Owen, whom I wrote about in the blog post Digging in Dirt and Finding Worms  were with us.  They go to the zoo a lot. She says as long as she can remember the tigers have never been moving and playing. It was quite a treat for her to see them being active! And this Giraffe came extra close. He or she wanted to have its picture in my instagram feed today and tell you HELLO!!!!

My favorite photo that I found as scrolling through the instagram hashtag #itsimplytuesday was posted by Shanda Kay Studios! Simply because I liked the paint colors and the caption;

“Sometimes, this decision to pursue creating feels small and insignificant. And it may be small, but small doesn’t mean insignificant, in fact, sometimes small is actually the most significant.”


I discovered you can buy her artwork from her etsy shop. It is fun finding more inspiration and people who encourage art inspiration on instagram! I am about to pick up my paint brush this week for the first time in a very long time to paint a picture requested by someone for them to give away as a Christmas gift.

My devotional today from the book Streams in the Desert, given to me by my Grandma had a poem I would like to share with you, and it even had a story about oils! I am just really into the essential oils right now, so I liked that part too! Here is the poem from the devotional written for December 8th:







5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Inspiration

  1. A wonderful unhurriedness. I love it. I’m glad you enjoyed my palettes and thanks for sharing! I hope you have a blast painting that picture. I’m sure it will bless the receiver!

    Also, looking around your blog somewhere I saw that you are going through the Artist’s Way. I did that a couple years ago and loved it. I’ve been thinking about picking it up for round 2 soon. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Unhurriedness isn’t a word but I wanted to use it anyway! So, thank you for sharing that you liked that part, it encourages me to just be me, even if sometimes that looks like using made up words!
      Yes, I am going through the book the Artist Way right now. Instead of doing a chapter a week, I will read the chapter, do my favorite tasks, then move to the next chapter, and of course I like the morning pages too. Some of her encouragement is just what I needed. Often I feel a little despair about art, like what is the use, is the effort worth it. Her book is kind of healing and uplifting. Today this quote from the book was great timely advice for me: “Most of the time, the next right thing is something small; washing out your paintbrushes, stopping by the art supply store…”

      Also, yes I love your palette and your sky paintings so very much.


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