Looking Back on November

“The practice of paying attention serves as an anchor for the soul in a fast-moving world.”  Emily P. Freeman

november 2015

At the end of each month I am taking time to look back before moving forward. This idea came from Emily P. Freeman. I love her practical blog post about How to Keep Track of What I Am Learning each month. I highly recommend reading this post for some simple and fun strategies to do this!

Reflecting back on November here are things that I learned, things that were impressed on my heart, and some things I found that made me smile!!! I will be linking up with Emily P. Freeman and Leigh Kramer for their monthly reflections too!

What I Learned in December

  • For Your Christmas Shopping: It is possible to make an Amazon Wish list that can include things from any store by adding a button/link to the toolbar! It is great for Christmas time and giving others ideas for gifts. My mother-in-law loved that I used this to help her with Holiday shopping.

amazon wish list

  • For Your Health: I was given the tip by three different people I know that taking Probiotics at night can help with depression and mood.
  • For Motivation to Clean, to Run, or to Paint your House: I am reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and I learned that repetitive motion like scrubbing, running, painting can help you tap into the creative side of your brain. I almost always struggle with motivation to do the dishes and get on the treadmill, so this gives me some more incentive. Also, I just moved and I could get completely overwhelmed by the fact that the whole inside of our home is a peachy mauve color with years of scratches and marks on it eek….and it ALL needs to be painted. This little tip about painting/repetitive motion  is helping me to view the project I am about to start as also therapeutic and soothing?!!! I will take any little extra motivation I can get!cleaning

What left an Impression

  • Over and over I kept coming across the advice “to be gentle with yourself”. One way I am trying to work on that is by making small goals. I know!!!  I just said I need to paint my whole house…but this is where I can apply it, one room or one wall at a time, one day at a time. I have been surprised about how sometimes just a small change in my routine or in my house can trigger more momentum and more growth. I had this mirror laying on the ground forever, and I never put it up on the wall because I thought “Oh, I just need to paint the wall and redecorate it all in a few months anyways, why bother.” But I finally did it because who knows when the painting and decorating will happen! Well, guess what now I really do feel kind of energized whenever I go in that room and it was actually what motivated me to kind of feel ready to paint and decorate soon. That might be a silly example, but I am just surprised how a little change can be a catalyst for bigger change! november gentleness
  • I also kept reading different things about the “Hand” of God, His hand leading us and helping us and His hand holding our hand! Here are two “hand” pics I liked from this month; me reading Bread and Wine on the back porch of my mom’s house wearing my Grandma’s ring my mother just passed on to me, and Oliver’s hand with a Golden Eagle tattoo on it from an basketball game. He was pretty excited about the small fun tattoo!

What Made Me Smile 

  • A happy meal toy perfect for Oliver. Linus with his blue blanket and Oliver with his most beloved blue blanket!
  • A children’s book that is fun, light-hearted, and great for teaching thankfulness; Thank you and Goodnight by Patrick McDonnell. I found this book at Target.



6 thoughts on “Looking Back on November

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, I am cherishing the cuteness of having a 2 year old, and looking forward to the ones I will make when he is 8 years old like your son too! Glad I brought back a sweet memory for you. Cheers to blue blanket and boys!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. Sharing is caring. I always appreciate recommendations of good music, books, art etc. I can listen to this while I am painting. You are so kind! Thank you


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