Digging in Dirt and Finding Worms

Meet Owen Timothy!

owen 2

This brilliant, blue eyed boy’s light hearted, silliness is just what an overcast gray November day needs.


Owen is my son Oliver’s best buddy, and he will be 3 years old toward the end of November. He has always been somewhat of a little genius and fast learner. His Dad loves science, Chemistry, and cooking. His mother Molly , my close friend, teaches Holy Yoga and cooks too!

Recently, at preschool Owen was asked what he wanted to be when he grows up. I think I always answered that question myself saying “mom or teacher”. However, Owen said “Mike”!

Hmmm who is Mike??????… his teacher’s were probably wondering??????

Come to find out from his parents the teachers learned Owen was referring to Mike Wazowski!


This is Mike Wazowski from the movie Monster’s Inc. Isn’t that a fun answer! Laughs

I love his imaginative answer!

So he found a Mike Wazowski costume for Halloween. He picked it ONLY because it had a great big pouch in the front for the candy! Haha So fun


Well, Oliver got the opportunity to trick or treat with Owen this year. One of my favorite parts of the night was watching Owen stop to search for worms along the sidewalk. He must have found a bunch because he kept stopping, bending down and shining his light on the worms to inspect them.

The next day I came across this poem about a worm, from the book Outside Your Window A First Book of Nature.  A student gave me this lovely illustrated book of nature poems that I often display on my mantle. The poem made me think of Owen and our fun Halloween memories. I also learned about worms…small but signicficant. Thank you God for funny little boys, worms, and children’s poetry books.

worms poem


Also some links I love for your day:

My Aunt Carole posted a blog about “digging-in”. She is going through the alphabet and writing about things she is thankful for….I am loving every post. Oliver and I related to each thing she mentioned for the letter D! She loves digging into her research when writing novels based on stories in the Bible. I so appreciate learning/benefiting from all the digging that she does as I read her books or blog. This made me also think of the joy Oliver and Owen have digging in our sandbox or just digging holes in Molly’s back yard! Also, she mentioned D is for Delta Jets and Denim. Oliver is very into airplanes, and I wear denim too much.

I love her blog, her heart, and her family. So, I wanted to share.

D is for DeltaIMG_1705

and here are two links I got recommended from Ann Voskamp’s blog that were good for motivation especially on this cloudy day.


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