November Beginnings

Whispering Whispering Hope
Whispering Whispering Hope

Sunday was the first day of November, seeming appropriate that we set our clocks back an hour on November 1st this year. Some trees are almost bare. Holiday plans are getting penciled into schedules. Animals preparing to hibernate, farmers finishing the harvest. November is here. Facing November, my heart longs for comfort and motivation. Yours might too. So I hope to offer you a little today.

God let us hear your “whispering whispering hope”. I loved hearing my mom play that song on the piano. Facing the November winds that blow the leaves around to the ground may you feel the whispering whispering hope; that doesn’t condemn and make your burden heavier. Let His hope come to you, watch it fall like the leaves to the ground, as you listen to His hopeful sounds.

“You whisper in my ear all the things I need to hear.”

a line from one of my favorite songs by Waterdeep “You”

Another song I always loved about God speaking what we need to hear is this song: “He will come”

“In the world of a girl, the words she hears they mean an awful lot

And the music in her mind when she gets older
Has the lyrics she was taught
And when she gets to heaven all the right things will be said
And He will look on her with favor and

He will come, He will come
He will comfort all that’s hardened
Make the deserts into gardens
And we all will see His face

He will come, He will come
He will soften all the starkness
Break the chambers of our darkness
And we’ll all be overwhelmed”

As I continue to study revelations this year, I keep being reminded He will come. This month I pray He comes to you. Maybe today He will come to you through this blog post…..He comes in a million little ways to us each day and whispers in our ear all the things we need to hear.

devotion my mom sent this morning; songless saints

Some Monday Motivation on a blog I love.


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