The Inn at Sunset Hill

Rainy day, cold and wet. Leaves falling. I am drinking my coffee. My car did not start today while trying to get Oliver to preschool, but my mom gave us a ride there late. I only have a few hours to clean and get stuff done while Oliver is out of the house, but what my soul really wants is time to breathe, to slow down, reflect, be, sift through thoughts. Oh to be able to slow the world down. I read once from Emily P. Freeman  “the soul wasn’t made for hustle”….my soul wasn’t for sure. It gave me a little validation that it was okay to feel that way!  That is what I am craving today, endless amounts of time to not feel so rushed. Maybe that is the introvert in me.

Anyways, on this cold rainy October day I wish you cozy sweaters and coffee. Dreaming that we are up in New Hampshire at the Sunset Hill Inn, where I stayed for my brother’s wedding. It was such a quaint lovely bed and breakfast, perfect for the fall. Let’s walk up the hill, go in, sit by the fireplace?! Their English Sheep Dog Dudley will have to come sit by us too.

a cozy Wednesday to you

Love Melissa

JSH_6962 JSH_6878JSH_6923


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