A New Name and A Song for your Weekend!

In the notes I am reading over Revelations and in the song I randomly clicked in my iTunes to listen to today, both talk about  a new name. In Revelation 2:17 Jesus promised three things to those who are victorious; hidden manna, a white stone, and a new name.

The Manna: God provided manna for the Israelites, and God sustains His people now- creatively, bountifully, and in ways that are far beyond our imagination.” This makes me thinks of the lyrics below that say “I have a field of flowers, I have the children’s smile” These are just two beautiful, glorious ways the Lord sustains me; through fields of flora and Oliver’s smile or my nephew and niece’s smile.JSH_3838 JSH_3966IMG_6735

White Stone and New Name: The new name is reserved for the faithful, to signify their new character and status before the Lord. The stone is colored white as a symbol of victory.

“These heavenly gifts- The Bread of Life, a declaration of righteousness rather than condemnation and a new identity- belong to those who truly believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and live in faith.”

A song to end your week by Waterdeep. I love the part of the song at the end especially:

I try to read the stars for stories of who to blame
but the only stories stars will tell are stories of a new name
I have a field of flowers
I have the children’s smiles
I have a thousand hours I find between the trials
Mine is the hope of living
Mine are the crowns of kings
Mine is the shout of victory
Mine are the angels’ wings
Mine is the song of the one Who endures to the end
Mine is the song of the one Who endures to the end

I pray the Lord helps us be the “ones who endure to the end”. Lord strengthen us this weekend. We love you. Amen


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