Bippity Boppety Boo


Do you enjoy picking out pumpkins or visiting your local pumpkin patch?

I especially like all the different colors and shapes, plus the farm animals to see. Maybe that is the artist in me. If you think about it, what a trivial superfluous silly thing to spend time and money on pumpkins for the porch or for carving, but that is what I appreciate about the month of October. I love celebrating the joy and uniqueness in God’s creation like pumpkins, and playing dress up; the joy and art of pretend.

I wonder one day if people will decorate the porches with watermelon in the summer?

bibpty bopety BOO

An October Prayer

May we feel Your presence and creative whimsy as we drive past pumpkins on porches. May You increase our faith in a spiritual world that is unseen increase. May the Bible stories and truths come to life and transform us.

We thank you God that you are not boring, but beautiful and radiant. We love that your story and truth is more magically moving than Disney movies and you invite us to be apart of it.

And always may we  continue to know and experience your gentleness and love.

In Jesus Name Amen


Look! He comes with the clouds of heaven. Rev. 1:7



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